Urvashi Kaushik

Cloud Fitness opened near our house about a couple months ago and I believe that me and my husband were among the first ones to join. The gym of course has all state of the art equipment, is managed really well with efficient and warm people who are also through professionals. I really appreciate their environmental awareness with no plastic near water coolers for example and of hygiene with as many cleaning staff round the clock as there are trainers. I just hope they begin with regular their Zumba classes soon. Coming to trainers now, I personally train with Aadil and he is one tough trainer. He customizes to his trainee and then keeps them committed to their goals. He plans my workouts to be challenging and varied. Of course he has a beyond good understanding of technical aspects of weight loss and body building, but he also creates interesting routines which are fun to do! Would recommend this place to anyone who finds it convenient to reach and is serious with their fitness goals. Once you are there you would be hooked !